Sunday, 14 October 2012

We believe that the development of the child would be better if he/she is part of a family where he/she gets the warmth, care and security of the parents. Though the sponsorship is given to the individual child, we focus on development of the family as well, as the child is an integral part of the family. That is why the well being of the family is equally important to our work. The child will have security if the family will have it, so CFI tries to take care of the other family members wherever possible. The objective is to strengthen family support to the child by facilitating the process of self help by the family. While giving various supports under this head, we try to emphasis on the family’s contribution towards their own development. 


  • Minor hut repairs 

 Every person looks forward to a safe and hygienic place to live in. To provide safe shelter to the child and the family, CFI tries to help those sponsored families, whose houses are in dilapidated condition or who needs some minor repairs.  

  • Income generation 

Inspired by the idea that it is better to help people help themselves, CFI has tried to help the sponsored as well as some non sponsored families to generate their income by giving them seed money to start a small business. At times they had been helped to get some training to enhance their capacities. During the last year, about 80 families have benefited. 

  • Insurance cover for the family 

The Raigad unit of CFI felt the need to extend life cover to the head of the family against sudden, accidental or natural death. Accordingly, the head of the family got insured under the Janashree Bima Yojana of Life Insurance of India by paying premium of Rs. 50/- per family per year. This is a tailor made policy. 2483 families are covered under this scheme.  In addition to this, the same policy is offering monetary benefit to children studying in class 8th to class 12th from the insured family, where they get Rs. 100 per month.